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“Take us into the Holy of holies, into the place where kings take off their crowns.
We’re overwhelmed by the weight of Your glory. You’re lifted higher as every knee bows down...”


Here Be Lions is a ministry collective focused on discipleship, music and community. The worship team, led by Dustin Smith (“God Who Moves The Mountains,” “Miracles”), aims to create music that welcomes the power and presence of God in expectation of a supernatural move of God to bring salvation, healing and restoration.

For their 11-track label debut, Only A Holy God, Here Be Lions delivers songs of reverence and praise written around the character of God and the forgiveness and wholeness found in Jesus. Writers include Dustin Smith, members of the HBL team and guest writers Stu G (Delirious?), Joshua Silverberg (The Belonging), Chris Quilala (Jesus Culture) and Jacob Sooter (Bethel).


The collective takes its name from the old mapping tradition in which explorers marked unknown, dangerous territory with a symbol and the phrase “Here Be Lions.” It was originally meant as a warning. The phrase has become a call for the Here Be Lions collective, however, to go out and find those places in people where resources are untapped, passions are overlooked and new adventures are awaiting ... to advance God’s kingdom, authority and order.


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Only a Holy God (Live)

Belong to You (Enemy Can't) [Live]

Power When We Worship (Live)

We're Singing Holy (Live)