What’s in a name?


“Here Be Lions” …
What did you say?

Whenever someone asks us the name of our ministry or band, the conversation usually goes like this:

THEM: Hey, what’s the name of your band so I can look it up?
US: Yeah, it’s called “Here Be Lions”!
THEM: … You said … “here” … “be” … sorry?
US: Yeah, “Here Be Lions”!
THEM: … “One more time for me, how do you spell that?”

As many times as we’ve been through it, we would have gone ahead and changed the name.  Except for the story.  The story of the phrase is such a perfect match to the attitude and purpose of our ministry, that we adopted the name and it’s here to stay.  So here’s the story:

Many years ago, when men first began mapping out the world they marked unknown, dangerous territories with a the Latin phrase, “hic sunt leones,” translated, “Here Be Lions.”

The lion - intended as a metaphor for the unknown uncharted and unexplored - was meant to be a warning for those who stumbled across it’s location. Whether as a caution of unknown dangers or as a means to prevent people from wanting to explore those territories, this symbol has historically stood as a warning to anyone who saw it.

In short, seeing “Here Be Lions” on these maps of old meant to those who would later be reading it, “Be careful, stay out, we do not know this land”.

But what was marked as a warning to them, has become a beacon for us, a guidance and inspiration as we seek to advance the Territory of our God.

Our search has now led us to those who feel overlooked and ignored, but are desperate and willing, those who have found success, but are still longing for more, and to those who are crying out for purpose, leadership, and an example.

This beacon and call represents the future, where the boundaries of God’s territory are not yet fully known and understood, but where the possibility of His empowerment lay before us. The world will be shaken by the prides swelling within God’s Mighty Kingdom.

We are the Lions.
You are the Lions.

We are … Here Be Lions.